Pollinator Meadow

Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of the Pollinator Meadow is to maintain a space dedicated to the preservation and protection of native pollinators.

About Pollinators

"Isn’t one bee just like any other?"

Surprisingly, many native bees, like several kinds of bumblebees, are endangered in Maynard and throughout the Eastern part of Massachusetts. Learn how to recognize them here: https://beecology.wpi.edu/website/learn.

"Butterflies and other insects are also endangered here and countrywide. How did this happen?"

Scientists think there are many factors. Habitat loss, overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and introduction of invasive plants that crowd out native plants are all causes. Butterflies, bees, bugs, birds, and pollinators of all kinds need three things: food, shelter, and a nest to lay eggs and spend the winter. If these vital things – native plants that provide nectar and pollen and a place to live – are missing in a landscape, the pollinators who need them will decline.

"How can I help?"

Read about our friends at the Native Pollinator Task Force, working now to reduce threats for at-risk pollinators in MetroWest. And….have fun learning about our native bugs and birds!


  • Join us for weekly “Weeding Bees” every Tuesday evening, weather permitting. See the meadow and its artwork, meet Maynard neighbors and friends, and spot native pollinators buzzing through! Special thanks to Maynard Eagle Scouts for their hard work clearing invasive plants and helping with meadow maintenance.
  • Renowned native bee expert Dr. Robert Gegear recently visited the meadow and made recommendations for plantings & identified some very cool native bumblebees in the garden. Check out one of his citizen science projects at beecology.org, where people can record and locate native bee pictures!

Contributing Artists

Since the Pollinator Meadow shares property with ArtSpace, we felt it would be important to have art in the Meadow. Many thanks to the contributing artists:

  • Julie James: information kiosk
  • Thomas Cummings: hand-carved benches
  • Yvette Monstad: bee sculptures
  • Geoff Nelson: abstract metal sculptures
  • Priscilla Alpaugh: post
  • Lola Chaisson: post
  • Catherine Evans: post
  • Jen Maestre: post
  • Jill Pottle: post
  • Sandy Wilensky: post
Dr. Robert Gegear & Garden Manager Lisa Heffley

Dr. Robert Gegear & Garden Manager Lisa Heffley in front of the Pollinator Meadow.

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Bee Balm & Echinacea in Bloom

Bee Balm & Echinacea in bloom.