Zannah Noe – Vice President

Zannah Noe was raised in Concord, MA, but is a recent transplant to Maynard from NYC and San Francisco after 25 years. A multimedia artist, her work has been investigating origins of American culture while road tripping between NYC and SF from 2011-2016. Working in photography, painting, installation and projection mapping, her work culminates in immersive experience. She studied at Hampshire College under the renowned artist Carrie Mae Weems and received a BFA at Umass Amherst. She furthered her studies at City College for print and web design and painting privately with master painter Doug Schneider of San Francisco.

Zannah brings her experience to ArtSpace of running large art exhibits, workshops, event planning, design and publications, community engagement and development. She works part time for the Town of Maynard as Economic Development Project Coordinator working within multiple departments for communication and cultural economic development. Her interest in regional cultural planning and social practice has led her to step up and lead the Maynard Film Festival as a new cultural event of “Small Town Shorts” as the community’s expression of life now, documenting our current reality.

As a board member at ArtSpace, she is excited to see the vision of ArtSpace expanding into an art center. Bringing her skills and enthusiasm to bear, she will help build community engagement via communication, participation and the social practice of participatory and public art.