Board Member Pam GoncalvesPam Goncalves – Board Member

As a visual and installation artist my art is considered Vernacular by definition,  I Am an “Outsider Artist.” Over the past 20 years, I have explored the process and styles of Southern Blacks, Native American and folks of the Appalachians, from folk tales, remedies and rituals to express my work. I investigate the spiritual aspects, found materials that I use; I am reclaiming my art as ritualistic being pollinated by many who were part of the “Middle Passage,” Native Americans as being displaced and Appalachian Outcasts who value their Core Beliefs, “By Any Means Necessary,” a quote from Brother Malcom X. 

As an Artist I respect art being an educational awakening through installation, visual, spoken word, dance and theater, along with different forms of music.

— Pam Goncalves