Jeff Swanberg – Board Member

Jeff Swanberg grew up in central Massachusetts, is outgoing, a bit nerdy, and loves meeting interesting people. He holds a Bachelors from the Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from University of Delaware, both in Chemical Engineering. Currently Jeff works at Bristol-Myers Squibb helping to develop manufacturing processes for life saving medications. In addition he co-leads their Community Outreach team working with food banks, community farms, veteran’s homes, LGBT groups, and other local non-profits. Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Jeff serves as a big and runs a “scientist for a day” program where kids can learn about biology. He is also active in the Maynard community, serving as chair of the Cultural Council and the Maynard Cultural District. Jeff has spent 15 years in the martial arts, earning black belts in Kenpo Karate and Taekwondo. Though he can still kick at head level, these days he prefers to get out on his bike or in his kayak.