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Acme Theater Productions is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. These volunteers donate anywhere from 2 – 40+ hours a week to keep our theater running.

Team Acme, our wonderful group of volunteers, perform all kinds of magic for the company. Whether it’s selling concessions, running the sound board, helping with set changes, wallpapering a set piece, searching for costumes, or cleaning the theater, each of these individuals contribute to make Acme successful and capable of producing quality community theater in Maynard, MA.

Acme is lead by a board of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time to run the business side of the theater, in addition to the creative side. Our board of directors has years of experience in community (and some professional) theater, with many of them recognized with awards for acting, singing, directing, stage management, set design, lighting design, costume design, and make-up design.


Acme Theater Productions, Maynard’s own multi-award winning community theater, is excited to announce the new season of the Acme Improv Company.

Starring: Jenn Avedian, Kate Bernard Forrestall, Gail Bishop-Nessman, Jacey Bokuniewicz, Mike Devine, Kevin Nessman, Lara Simpson, Brian Zifcak

Directed by: David Fisher

The art of improvisation comes to the Metrowest area! If you are familiar with the television program Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you are familiar with improvisational comedy… making the laughs up as you go along. Starting with suggestions given by the audience, the Acme Improv Company will generate scenes, games and laughs that are fun for the whole family. The troupe is made up of some of the funniest performers in the Metrowest area, and they have been brought together to bring you smiles and hilarity for all occasions. They truly are the Misfits of Improv!

“No scripts, no nets, no kidding!”

The Acme Improv Company will present four main stage shows at Acme Theater this year, and they are always available to be hired for events and fundraisers. Every show is guaranteed to be different, unpredictable, and a wild ride.